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Boost your social reach with employee advocacy

Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy for your employees to safely share your content—extending your social reach.

Calculate your return

  • Total Facebook visits from campaign

    Please choose a value between 100 - 250,000
  • Landing page conversion rate

    Please choose a value between 0% - 50%
  • Close rate

    Please choose a value between 0% - 100%
  • Lifetime customer value

    Please choose a value between $100 - $50,000

Calculate your investment

  • Total ad spend

    Please choose a value between $0 - $50,000
  • Content creation costs

    Please choose a value between $0 - $25,000
  • Labor costs

    Please choose a value between $0 - $5,000

Your Return On Investment

($75,000 - $1,700) / $1,700
(Total Revenue - Total Investment) / Total Investment
Total Revenue
  1. You’ve launched a paid or organic campaign on Facebook
  2. You’ve used a dedicated landing page with some form of lead capture such as email sign-ups
  3. You’re sending leads to a sales team who will then turn those leads into sales
Feel free to substitute Facebook for another social network.

Still baffled by ROI?

Use our Social ROI Toolkit to nail the basics.
It includes three essential resources with simple guidance and clear frameworks.

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Tap into the power of employee advocacy with Amplify

Extend your reach

Use the incredible social influence of your employees by empowering them to share approved content across their social networks.

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Keep your people engaged

Amplify’s clean and intuitive mobile-first environment boosts employee engagement by making it easy for your people to stay connected and informed.

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Simplify administration and reporting

Save time by managing messaging and measuring your results from within the Hootsuite dashboard.

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Reduce risk

Create preapproved content for your organization to share, so that messaging is accurate, clear, and on-brand.

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See how Hootsuite Amplify can help you expand your social reach

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    Learn how to develop your own employee advocacy program to extend your reach and boost brand awareness.
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    Amplify Case Study

    How Hootsuite Boosts Reach, Recruiting, and Revenue with Employee Advocacy - Yes, Hootsuite built the best platform for employee advocacy. No, we weren’t using it as well as we could have been. Here’s how we fixed that.