Social Trends 2023: Unboxing the Future of Social

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Kosta Prodanovic
Senior Copywriter II at Hootsuite


When we say unboxing, we mean literally.

Social marketing, customer service, and commerce are shifting with customer behaviors and larger economic forces. With that comes more opportunities for social marketers to get ahead.

In our Social Trends 2023 webinar, discover new possibilities in creator collabs and ways to update your strategy amidst copycat social features. Challenge what you think you know about social customer service so you can stand out. And find new potential in social commerce as you learn how to break through customer hesitation.

Join our experts as they unpack each trend and unwrap a few “mystery boxes” along the way (hint: surprise TikTok challenges). No talking heads on laptops screens here, friends, so get ready to have some fun while getting some guidance to the wild future of social.

  • Just how much creators can help small businesses, and that they’re more within reach than you think
  • What bosses expect social to achieve now that it’s crunch time for marketing budgets
  • About new content strategies as platforms start to look and more and more alike
  • Where opportunities lie in social customer care as marketers struggle to balance online and offline service
  • How to strengthen your social commerce strategy to get customers to convert

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  • Headshot Webinarglo Kosta Prodanovic 400X400 1

    Kosta Prodanovic

    Senior Copywriter II at Hootsuite

    As a Senior Copywriter at Hootsuite, Kosta is the brand storyteller who brought Social Trends 2022 to life. Before joining Hootsuite, he worked as a copywriter for agencies and in-house teams in London (UK) and Vancouver—and studied Strategic Communications at the London School of Economics. Kosta is also a recovering student journalist. Ask him about photographing punks in a bathtub for VICE.

  • Headshot Nick Martin

    Nick Martin

    Team Lead, Social Listening & Engagement at Hootsuite

    If you've spoken with Hootsuite online, there's a good chance you've spoken with Nick. He also oversees Hootsuite’s social data analysis and is their internal expert on Brandwatch.

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